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Long time ago...

This is how was our company

Birth of family run business

The Mazzoncini family run business was born in Pieve a Nievole (Pistoia) in the year 1964, when Mr. Morello began the activity of mechanical workshop, construction of molds for plastic injection.

Plastic injection molding begins

Bamaplast is born: a company specialized in precision and technical articles production for the electrical, hydraulic, naval, etc. markets.

The first plastic pots

Thanks to the founder flair, in 1972 Bamaplast starts the production of plastic pots; some Pistoia nurserymen had identified the possibility of producing plants out of the ground. In this way, Bamaplast achieved a leading position in the Italian market.

The square pots

Bamaplast were the first in Italy to produce square pots for cultivation. The square pots allow to use 44% more surface available than the round pots of the same capacity. After Bamaplast had studied the square pot with a vertical veins system on the side, called "antispiralization": the plant, orientating its roots downwards, grows more rapidly.

The three daughters

The three daughters Paola, Sandra and Roberta join the company, starting to lead key roles in the management of the company, starting the international markets expansion as well.

The patented pot

At Bamaplast we are always careful to the needs of producers of potted plants. So we have patented a pot called "EVO". A product that thanks to the particular bottom conformation guarantees protection of the roots from the attack of pests and weeds.


Bamaplast is still a family-run business, careful to ethics and respect of the environment. Training, innovation and international expansion have allowed Bamaplast to grow and reach out overseas markets. Today Bamaplast exports its plastic pots to over 40 countries.